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Companies need to manage the risk of hiring more than ever. Employers have a duty to hire with care and diligence. When hiring, the impact an individual will have on production, culture and corporate integrity is an integral factor. A reference check based on actual results and demonstrated performance is the ultimate way to manage risk and determine future results.

All too often, employment background checks have been approached as an administrative task by more human resources departments and organizations. It is unfortunate and risky that most hiring decisions are made prior to pre-employment screening.


Test your knowledge and decide how well you understand Reference Checking Practices in Canada.

We conduct employment reference checks and employment verifications around the clock and around the world. Profoundly flexible, and passionately professional, Canadian and International employment screening are only one of the many professional services we offer.

Employment Screening Services

Employment Screening Services

Our Employment Screening Services

  • Customized Employment Screening
  • Employment Confirmation
  • Employment Verification
  • Executive Background Checks
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Credit History Checks
  • Education Verification

A thorough and accurate background check on a candidate’s performance could enhance their suitability for the role, or alert the hiring manager to coaching that may be required, or of greater concern; misrepresentation by the candidate.

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