Pulse Check

Pulse CheckOften an essential component of organizational training and development, employee pulse checks provide a picture of your organization’s needs.  Your organization and its culture are unique. Employees’ opinions can impact your company’s bottom line by reducing retention, quality of work, morale, and productivity. Measuring attitudes is critical to financial health and success of your operation.

A pulse check provides you with critical commitment and engagement feedback of your employees in supporting a merger or takeover. It is an insightful tool to measure where resistance is likely to occur or is occurring, and which departments or subjects need more attention.   After a merger or takeover a PULSE CHECK is also crucial in determining, as well as celebrating, the success of the change.

Discover what motivates people, what drives loyalty, and what genuinely makes and keeps your employees happy. Satisfaction levels will increase when employees know that their issues are being addressed. There is a direct link between employee satisfaction and financial results.

The success of a merger or takeover will depend largely on both the degree of cooperation and the degree of communication between people within the merging organizations.