Reference Check

Reference ChecksAll reference checks are conducted via telephone by seasoned behavioural interviewers. In addition, all references are conducted utilizing a customized interview sheet for each position.

Why is this important?

When the hiring process is so involved and extensive, it is understandable that when references are checked, they are done so with the intention to hire. This predetermination leads to the unconscious solicitation of positive feedback. This is where it’s vital to have a third party conduct reference interviews. Also, in the majority of cases, references are based on opinion or subjective feedback. This is where the distinction between malice and honest opinion comes to bear itself. At JUST Checking, we concentrate on the results demonstrated behaviours of a candidate’s past work history. As is often the case, past behaviour predicts future behaviour.

Our interviews are customized to the position that you are attempting to fill, and are further customized by your requests to probe into certain critical areas of concern following your face-to-face interviews with the candidate.

Each interviewer uses exceptional insight, listening skills, judgement and probing techniques. We respect the time given by the referee and move the interview through a strategic process. Quality Assurance is emphasized. Feel confident in partnering with a service that represents your company’s policies and procedures.